Crochet Video Tutorial | Crocheted Bobble Border

herve tullet crochet baby blanket bobble border

I sensed some confusion with the bobble border from the Color Mixing Baby blanket so I thought I’d try a video tutorial to help explain it.

My bobble border is inspired by the Blackberry Salad blanket from Moogly. There are a few adjustments, such as using only four double crochets in a cluster instead of five and using two colors for the bobbles instead of one, but the pattern is worth a look. She has the math worked out for several sizes of afghans as well.

The video gives a sneak peek at next week’s free pattern, the Bobble Spot Baby Blanket. I’ll come link back to it when it’s ready. (Update: Here it is!)

I hope you enjoy the tutorial- It’s my first one. I’d appreciate your feedback! Thanks!

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